The Company

Our Business

Incentive Action’s core business is creating and delivering incentive programs for Australian corporations on multi-year agreements, providing consistently high levels of account management, creativity, economies of scale and seamless events. Our team of Account Directors, Event Producers, Event Managers and Coordinators are supported by Researchers and Administration staff.

Incentive Action delivers incentives across the entire spectrum from low budget through to high touch; from exciting travel experiences to quality merchandise rewards via an on-line catalogue. Our program design follows a proven and successful formula. We identify client objectives and what clients want from an incentive program; we design the most simple means of promoting the program to the target audience; we create an easily accessible online facility for users; and always maintain focused communication during the program period.

We are well versed in the Dealer Channel audience.

As a medium sized, highly focused incentive marketing company, we thrive on being the best at what we do, growing as a result of our hard earned reputation, built over 24 years in the industry.

  • Small enough to be personal, big enough to deliver.
  • We provide value for your marketing dollar.
  • We are creative and experienced in travel, merchandise, vouchers and many more forms of reward.
  • Skilled to produce large and impressive conferences and events.
  • We work with an extremely extensive array of suppliers including merchandise, airlines, hotels and partners all over the world.


Our Processes

What we do

  • Work with our clients to motivate their key partners in order to meet targets and objectives
  • Design incentive program to serve client needs
  • Create a program structure that is easily understood by you and your participants
  • Fulfil the travel reward and ensure a lifetime experience for all qualifiers.

How we do it

Maintain focused communication during the incentive program, event or conference period with both our direct client and their sales staff or resellers.

Incentive Action manages the incentive program, event or conference and all organisational and logistical requirements, including production, budgeting, expense management, online and onsite registrations, run sheets, risk assessments, on-site staffing, supplier negotiations and the management of third parties.

Depending on the needs and requirements of each individual program, Incentive Action contracts venues, hotels, travel and the services of tried and tested organisations for audio visual, catering, theming, signage, entertainment, equipment hire, the provision of MCs and speakers, graphic designers, web designers, printers, telemarketers, mailing, promotional item providers and reliable freight operators.


Our Creativity

  • We believe that every incentive program, conference or event is different, and should be treated as such.
  • We will always work with our clients to ensure every component of an event is unique and exciting.
  • We manage all incentive program, event and conferencing size, from small Executive Meetings to international corporate conferences and incentive trips.
  • Our vast array of partners and suppliers within the industry ensures the best possible rates.
  • Our creativity knows no bounds, and we can work with any budget and within any budget.
  • Our team will sit down with our clients and discuss the requirements for the incentive program, event or conference.
  • We will approach as many venues and suppliers as required to ensure our clients have the best range of options available to them.
  • Our clients are kept in the loop through the entire process. We want your opinions and ideas.
  • Let us show you how creative we can be…….


Our Objectives

Although every event, conference or incentive program is different, there are similarities in the requirements for each. There need to be clear objectives set and adhered to, so that clients know what can be achieved through an incentive program, event or conference. With that in mind, we will always work on any project with the following objectives in mind:

  • Increase awareness of our client’s product or plans amongst all staff or resellers.
  • Bring a level of exclusivity to any rewards program.
  • Maintain customer loyalty.
  • Produce a creative and informative conference or event.
  • Provide concise and continuous communications across all platforms.
  • Create an experience that is different to any that participants may have come across before.

We understand that simply providing a great incentive program, or producing a spectacular event or conference, while imperative to all clients, is really not the complete package. The objectives to the left aim to put in place a clear and concise plan, which is both achievable and beneficial. To reach the set objectives, Incentive Action will continue to do the things that we do best:

  • Provide exceptional service
  • Be prepared for new challenges and provide new ways to impress.
  • Work with all our longstanding suppliers to ensure our clients receive the very best prices.
  • Create new relationships with suppliers to expand our footing, world-wide.
  • Increase our digital reach to include even more than a website, emails, texts and social media.
  • Offer very clear and regular communication to both clients and their staff or resellers.
  • Suggest innovative ways to expand our client’s reach.