Annual Awards Dinner


One of Australia’s leading air-conditioning manufacturers and distributors had established themselves as an industry leader within Australia, competing successfully with all the big players through an extensive network of Dealerships.


Having already worked with Incentive Action for a number of years on their Incentive Program, this air-conditioning company requested Incentive Action’s help to manage their Annual Awards Weekend, and really help to reenergise it and make it something special.


Incentive Action, having worked with the air-conditioning company for many years, was well versed in what their guests appreciated from a weekend event. They wanted to get something out of the conferencing and networking opportunities, as well as have a fantastic time at the Awards Dinner itself.


Knowing that the Annual Awards Weekend was an invitation only event, with only the important Dealerships invited, Incentive Action realised that the event needed to become something really special, so that guests would talk about it as much as they discussed the annual incentive trip.

We looked at three important components of any great event and decided to focus on sharpening those:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Theming
  3. Guest speakers

Incentive Action knew that if these three items could really create a splash, word would spread amongst the Dealer Network, increasing the prestige of an invitation to this event.


The client’s budget was not overly large, and had to cover flights; 2 night’s accommodation; a conference component; as well as the Awards Dinner itself. Incentive Action set to the task of producing an awe inspiring event with the limited funds available:

  1. Using our extensive network of suppliers, we researched, negotiated and bargained with venues.
  2. By keeping across merging talent on the speaker circuit and throughout the entertainment industry, we made sure that all the acts booked were modern and relevant to the audience.
  3. For the first time in the history of this Awards Weekend, we linked the theming to the annual Incentive Trip, which many guests would be attending only a few short weeks later.


The Annual Awards Weekend was a huge success, with some incredible feedback from guests, who loved what we had put together – top entertainment; theming that made sense; and a venue choice that pleased everyone.

The success of the event ensured that Incentive Action were invited to produce it in the ensuing years, and we still currently do so.


“Our Annual Awards Weekend has really become a pinnacle event for our company, and our Dealership Network, under the guidance of Incentive Action. They continually have fantastic ideas that keep the concept of the weekend fresh and exciting.”

Managing Director