Our Business

Do your people perform at their best?

Or is there room for improvement?

Whether you need to inspire customer and channel partner loyalty or boost sales staff engagement, you have to offer the right motivation to get the best results.

How do you know what this looks like?

That’s where we come in.

Who we are

We’re Incentive Action, the experts in designing, producing and managing end-to-end incentive programs and events that inspire better performance.

As a full-service incentive agency, our purpose is to create and deliver results-focused rewards programs and impressive, seamless national and international events that boost motivation in your people.

And we have the strength to deliver – from travel, to merchandise, vouchers and other forms of unforgettable rewards. We do this through our large network of trusted suppliers built over more than 25 years in business. We work with merchandise providers, airlines, hotels and partners all over the world.

We are well versed in the Dealer Channel audience.

Our experience is your reward.