What is different about the incentive programs implemented by TOP performing companies?

Nurturing relationships is one of the biggest attributes to the success of a business. Measuring them however can be a challenge.

One way is to facilitate a structured Reward and Recognition Program. This industry is a billion dollar business world-wide and many organisations in Australia are following suit and reaping huge benefits.

The obvious benefits that companies first look for are tangible, but what about the intangible? How do the intangible outcomes actually boost performance exponentially?

By definition, a “Top Performing Company” is one that demonstrates strong performance in the following areas:

  • GROWTH: 5% Stock price/Revenue Growth
  • CUSTOMER PERFORMANCE: 90% Customer Satisfaction
  • EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE: 90% Employee Satisfaction

Very reasonable aspirations for any organisation wanting to stay ahead of the game!

The below image explains how they do it.

As a leader in your industry can you afford not to implement an Incentive Program?