Our Objectives

Why you need an incentive program

Humans love to be acknowledged and rewarded for good work. It spurs us on to do more, do better. But pay rises and bonuses only last so long.

Physical products, events and experiences offer stronger incentives for your people to do better and stay loyal.

Imagine the thrill of taking your team overseas to reward them for reaching sales targets. The memory of that experience gets people talking. Which gets more people interested in qualifying for your next program. Which means stronger performances and sales for you.

This is the power of incentive programs.

Why we do it

To empower people, to put it simply.

Whatever industry you’re in, your business runs on its people: your customers, channel partners and staff.

How you reward these people who help your business grow shows how you value those relationships and can inspire greater trust and loyalty.

At Incentive Action, our goal is to ensure you reach your marketing and sales goals. But we also understand your people need to feel heard.

That’s why we create and implement rewards programs that not only get you results, but show your partners and staff how much you value them.